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TPMS Handbook
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For Tire Service Professionals


This is a must-have handbook for anyone interested in the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems on today's vehicles, especially tire service professionals. TPMS HANDBOOK provides information on the earliest TPM systems, most of which is valid right up through the current model year.

We looked at a bunch of competing TPMS manuals and found that most of them have "generic" relearn and initialization procedures...sort of a "one size fits all" approach. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't! TPMS Handbook goes into much more detail on the variations from model to model for each manufacturer, and it also has 237 ILLUSTRATIONS.

No need to spend valuable time searching through page after page of wiring diagrams, trouble-code tables, CAN communication protocols, etc. TPMS Handbook is simple to use because every system is covered on only 2 pages! Each 2-page detail section includes a System Description, it's Normal Operation, a short Service Summary (for the busy auto service pro), a detailed step-by-step Relearn/Initialization procedure, and a Tips & Troubleshooting section.

TPMS Handbook is simple to use, concise, and accurate. It really is an essential reference for anyone in the auto service field.


For Tire Service Professionals

Everything you need to service any
Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Covers most direct and indirect TPM Systems
  • Step-by-step Relearn Procedures
  • 237 Large, Clear Illustrations
  • 480 Pages
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